Lyric was a Halfling College of Lore Bard. He originally came from the domain of Kartakass, where he was chased out for offending another prominent bard. When he fell in with Argyle Wellington's Wonderarium of Confounding Curiosities, he started by doing odd jobs around the carnival, but quickly worked his way up to Barker and Hype Man.

In a battle in the basement of Deirdre Saint Vincent's home, during a battle with a group of dopplegangers, Lyric was killed.

Background Questions

What was the name of the ballad you wrote that got you in trouble? The Many Children of Tom Rumtkyn

What did Tom Rumtkyn do to cause you to write the ballad? Nothing. It was just a great song and had to be written.

What did Tom Rumtkyn do to run you out of town? Turn the entire town against Lyric's family.