Lefty is a Human Wild Magic Sorcerer. He is the newest member of Argyle Wellington's troupe and serves as a janitorial specialist (aka shit-shoveler). Lefy is only 16 years old and strives to one day be a stage magician like his idol, The Phenomenal Filchbatter.

Background Questions

What happened to the other wizard that impressed you? Lefy doesn't really know. It was a different circus that came through town when he was younger. His name was The Alright Randall and he was just alright. He pulled rabbits from hats and sawed a lady in half. After the circus left, Leftimus never saw The Alright Randall again.

After The Alright Randall left town, you tried to perform your own magic. Eventually it worked. What surge happened when you cast your first spell? Lefty was walking up a hill to get water from the well. While trying to emulate what he saw Randall do, the sky suddenly rained fish. A lot of fish. It was impossible to get up the hill, it was so slippery with fish. When he came back with empty water pails, Lefy's father beat him.

What was the final straw with your father that caused you to leave home? Lefty set his father on fire. One night, his father came at him with a pitchfork. Lefty doesn't know what happened, but his father just kind of melted. Some of the townsfolk saw it happen, so Lefy fled.