Adran is a Wood Elf War Cleric. He is originally from The High Forest in Faerun, but came to Paridon 26 years ago. In that time, he has settled in Southshore and opened up The Fey's Tooth. In addition to being a bar, The Fey's Tooth serves as the headquarters for The Apex of Equality, a splinter faction of The Divinity of Man that recognizes the divine power of all sentient beings, not just humans. Adran, with his friends Bethrynna and Oskar, lead The Apex of Equality, which offers classes in a variety of subjects and serves to protect residents of Southshore from the more corrupt members of the city guard and thieve's guilds who prey on the non-human residents.

Background Questions

Why did you leave the High Forest to come to Paridon? Adran had heard rumors that Paridon was a city that was a good starting place for adventurers. Upon arriving, he realized how poorly non-humans were treated and settled in Southshore.

What was the worst thing to happen after you arrived in Paridon? Jumped and mugged by a group of hummies. They called him racist names while they beat him.

What were the first words Oskar said to you? "Not bad for an elf. Do you have any heroin?